Band : Tiziano Bianchi
Title : RELATE
Release Date : 5 October 2019

Tiziano Bianchi: trumpet, flugelhorn, voice (on Tracks 4 and 6) synth
Claudio Vignali: piano, keyboards
Enrico Ferri: cello
Marco Frattini: drums, percussion

Bill Frisell: guitar on tracks 3 and 5
Tiger Okoshi: flugelhorn on track 2

Track 3 written by Tiziano Bianchi and Claudio Vignali
Track 7 written by Lali Puna and arranged by Tiziano Bianchi
Lyrics on track 6 written by Tiziano Bianchi

Produced by Tiger Okoshi
Recorded by Andrea Rovacchi at ‘Sound Tempie Studio’ in Parma assited by Shai Noy and Lorenzo lori, Daniele Bagnoli at ‘Bagnoli Bros Recording Studio’ in Castelnovo ne’ Monti (RE) and Michael Coleman at ‘Figure 8’ in New York City (USA) between September 10th and September 26th 2018
Mixed and Mastered by Daniele Bagnoli, Tiziano Bianchi and Tiger Okoshi at ‘Bagnoli Bros Recording Studio’ in Castelnovo ne Monti (RE)
Cover Photography by Marina Foramitti (White Bird Property)

Booklet Photographies in NYC by Tetsuro Hoshii
Studio Photographies in ltaly by Andrea Herman
Artwork and Design by Jaime Ford