RELATE feat. Bill Frisell

‘Relate’ is the second album of the Italian trumpet player Tiziano Bianchi. The album was produced by the Japanese/American trumpet legend Tiger Okoshi and features the Grammy Award winner Bill Frisell on guitar.
Recorded between Italy and USA, ‘Relate’ presents seven original compositions by Tiziano Bianchi and one arrangement of the Lali Puna’s song ‘Nin-com-pop’.
The band has two cellos instead of the upright bass. The use of electronic elements, like synths and electronic drums, make the sound contemporary and more powerful of a regular jazz combo.
The lyrics of the title track explain the positive message behind the album.

“Relating is important while you are playing with someone else, because music needs strong interaction and common goals. It’s important to relate while dealing with other people and it would help to avoid many contrasts. It is important to relate with the other elements of the world outside ourselves, to look for inputs and to enjoy what life offers to you” Tiziano Bianchi

“It seems that Tiziano and I have created such unique yet solid relationship as artist. Both careful and sincere crafts man who truly love to spend hours on creating music. Compare to his last CD “Now and Then”, it’s so clear that this CD has stronger message but more tangible, has more power, dynamics and complexity but tastier beside his trumpet playing has improved so much. Tiziano is growing in his music while his music is growing in him. This is it!
Let’s congratulate his fantastic accomplishment together!” Tiger Okoshi


01 Awaken
02 Your eyes (feat. Tiger Okoshi)
03 First moon (feat. Bill Frisell)
04 Early morning
05 Firefly’s dream (feat. Bill Frisell)
06 Relate
07 Nin-com-pop
08 Sundays


All songs written by Tiziano Bianchi except for:
Track #3 written by Tiziano Bianchi and Claudio Vignali.
Track #7 written by Lali Puna and arranged by Tiziano Bianchi.
Lyrics on track #6 written by Tiziano Bianchi.

Recorded by Andrea Rovacchi at ‘Sound temple studio’ in Parma, Daniele Bagnoli at ‘Bagnoli Bros Recording Studio’ in Castelnovo ne’ Monti (RE) and Michael Coleman at ‘Figure 8’ in New York City (USA) between September 10th and September 26th 2018.
Mixed by Daniele Bagnoli, Tiziano Bianchi and Tiger Okoshi at ‘Bagnoli Bros Recording Studio’ in Castelnovo ne Monti (RE).
Mastered by Daniele Bagnoli.



Tiziano Bianchi

Trumpet and flugelhorn

Trumpet, flugelhorn, voice (on Tracks #4 and #6), synth


Claudio Vignali

Piano, keyboards

Enrico Ferri


Marco Frattini


Drums, percussion



Bill Frisell

Guitar on tracks #3 and #5

Tiger Okoshi

Flugelhorn on track #2