Born on September 22nd 1983 in Castelnovo ne’ Monti (RE), Italy, he starts to study trumpet at the age of 8 at ‘Istituto Musicale Pareggiato Claudio Merulo’ in Castelnovo ne’ Monti. After receiving the Classical Trumpet Degree in 2002 he started the professional career, while studying Engineering at ‘Universita’ degli Studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia’. During these years he wins the Audition for the ‘Youth Orchestra Arturo Toscanini’ in Parma and he plays in several Opera Companies all around Italy, playing in the major Italian theaters.
In summer 2007 he starts to study Jazz at ‘Siena Jazz Clinics’. After attending ‘UmbriaJazz Clinics’ in 2008 he receives a Scholarship for the prestigious Berklee College of Music of Boston (USA).
He moves to Boston in January 2009 and he graduates in 2011 with a Degree in Professional Music. While at Berklee he wins the “Al Natale Brass Scholarship” and
“B.A.S Scholarship” for Academic value and he plays in the major bands of the school, like Phil Wilson’s “Rainbow Big Band” and Greg Hopkins’ “Berklee Concert Jazz Orchestra”.
After the Degree he decides to move back to his country and in 2012 he starts teaching Jazz at the Conservatory ‘Istituto Musicale Pareggiato Claudio Merulo’ in Castelnovo ne’ Monti.
In june 2013 he is one of the finalists of the prestigious International Jazz Competition “Premio Internazionale Massimo Urbani”, held in Camerino, Italy.
In 2015 he records his first album as a leader, entitled “Now and then”. The album was produced by the internationally known trumpeter Tiger Okoshi and features also the Italian singer and writer Giovanni Lindo Ferretti.
He has played with important artists such as:
Eliel Lazo (Danish Grammy Award Winner 2011), Michael McDonald, Joe Arroyo. Vinicio Capossela, Mariko Awada (Columbia Nippon), Ludmilla Stefanikova ( Greg Osby’s Inner Circle Records), Creative Music Front (Groove Master Records), Calixto Oviedo, Tom Kirkpatrick.
He has played in venues and Festivals in Italy, Europe, Usa, India.
Some of the venues and Festivals includes:
Gusman Center for the Perfoming Arts ( Miami, USA), Aganis Arena (Boston), Berklee Performance Center (Boston), Rockwood Music Hall (NYC), Italia Wave Love Festival (Florence, Italy), Tora Tora Festival (Reggio Emilia, Italy), Otranto Jazz Festival (Otranto, Italy), Shisha Jazz Festival (Pune, India), Pianoman (New Delhi, India).

Tiziano’s music brings us to the pieceful place in our mind, I believe.
Selections on this CD have all the elements in our rich lives such as smile, tears, excitements, wonders, fears, brightness and darkness with hopes. Beautiful tone of his trumpet and lyricism in compositions tell us that he is one of the most talented artists of today. Bravo!
(Tiger Okoshi)

I always say no when others ask me to collaborate, hardly ever for purely musical reasons; itʼs a no which concerns my way of living, working and relating to others.
Tiziano asked me to read the lyrics for one of his songs from his latest work. I accepted without knowing what it was about. I just wanted to please him.
Music is his sole passion in everyday life. Meeting musicians, playing in public and in private, studying, composing, recording: thatʼs all he wants. He plays the trumpet and the flugelhorn. Wind instruments appeal to me for their evocative power, something to do with stables and horses and open spaces. Tiziano lives halfway up these mountains/in these mountains but, even though he travels round the world, he is content to return home in the end. This is important for me.
(Giovanni Lindo Ferretti)