This album started to come into being in a tough period of my life.
One of those periods where you lose direction and life seems to become really incomprehensible and far away from you.
Back then, I decided to react by sitting at the piano and working seriously on some tunes and ideas that I had had in mind for a while.
I wanted to have some music which I could dive into and where I could take some rest, have a gentle hug and feel peace.
Old arrangements that I had there for a while start to take shape:
“Gymnopedie #1” by Erik Satie, “Knives out” by Radiohead and several original compositions became finished songs.
I had few songs to start building my project on. I decided with Tiger Okoshi to set the recording session in august.
I was finally finding the music and the sound that I was looking for, and I was working on it full time.
The only thing left to do was to compose the rest of the album…
In one month nine songs were written.
It was impressive to realize how fast the music was taking shape once that the direction was found. All the pre-production work was done with the pianist Claudio Vignali between Castelnovo ne’ Monti (RE) and Porretta Terme (BO).
Just as the Music was coming, the Lyrics came too.
The lyrics of “Now and then”, red by Giovanni Lindo Ferretti in the recording, explain the concept of the album.
During those months of hard work, I realized how everything we have done in our life influences and works for our present. We have all those people, situations, moments that we have lived through working with us every single day and moment.
The Music that was written during those days, some of which goes back over the years, gave me so much peace and serenity and the desire to share a beautiful state of mind.

Tiziano Bianchi, August 2015.


01 Memories
02 Now and then
03 Grease
04 Horses
05 Artic Dust
06 The sleep of sorrow, through the ages
07 Knives out
08 Just a love affair
09 Gymnopedie #1


All songs written and arranged by Tiziano Bianchi except from :
Track #4 written by Tiziano Bianchi and Claudio Vignali;
Track #6 taken from the original composition “The sleep of sorrow” by Tetsuro Hoshii, arranged by Tiziano Bianchi. Produced by Tiziano Bianchi, Alessandro Magnanini, Daniele Bagnoli, Tiger Okoshi
Track #7 written by The Radiohead, arranged by Tiziano Bianchi
Track #9 written by Erik Satie, arranged by Tiziano Bianchi
Lyrics on track #2 written by Tiziano Bianchi

Recorded by Daniele Bagnoli at Dani Marzi Studio in Riccione, Italy, between august 31st and September 2nd 2015.
Mixed by Daniele Bagnoli, Tiziano Bianchi and Tiger Okoshi at Bagnoli Bros Recording Studio in Castelnovo ne’ Monti (RE), Italy, between September 3d and September 5th.
Mastered by Davide Barbi.
Cover photograph by Mohit Kapil.
Booklet photographs by Andrea Herman and Mohit Kapil.
Graphic design by Linda Zanni and Tiziano Bianchi.



Tiziano Bianchi

Trumpet and flugelhorn

Bass on track #2 and #6, Keyboards on track #2, Voice on track #6


Claudio Vignali


Enrico Ferri


Andres Marquez


Cajon on track #4
Percussions on track #6



Tiger Okoshi

Trumpet solo on track #3

Giovanni Lindo Ferretti

Voice on track #2

Additional musicians

Elisa Aramonte

Voice on track #4 and #6

Samuele Riva

Cello pizz. on track #7 and #8

Oscar Palmieri

Bandoneon on track #5

Angelo Bianchi

Voice on track #6